"It's always time for a Kaisy®!"

What is a Kaisy®?

Good question!

The Kaisy® is actually the Kaiserschmarrn that we introduce in America. The Kaiserschmarrn is a traditional recipe from Tyrol. Kaiserschmarrn literally means Imperial Mess, because it looks like a mess when it is being prepared, but the Emperor used to love it. Read the story of the Kaiserschmarrn under

Tyrol is now across the border between Austria and Italy, in the Alps. The Italian part actually still speaks German. Though it technically is Italy, locals there feel more Austrian than Italian. The Kaisy® starts with a pancake dough with vanilla and rum in it. We incorporate the egg whites at the last minute and we whip them a lot. This is what brings the fluffiness. We then cook it on the griddle in a special frame as we scatter a few raisins on top. When the batter has reached adequate baking, the frame is pulled away, and this step is the beginning of …the mess! Always remember the “Schmarrn”! The Kaiserschmarrn is an Imperial Mess, literally. The batter leaks on the sides, of course. And the sophisticatedly messy shredding starts. Each piece is turned over so that all sides reach the sought after brownish, toasty finish.

When ready, the Kaisy® is served shredded in cups with powder sugar. Just select the size of the cup you want, and then decide if you want to add your selection of sides and/or toppings. Kaisy® is great plain, but some like it decadent..

Your choice is wide as we have savory with sausages, bacon or eggs. But we also have sweet with home made fruit sauces, home made whipped cream, home made chocolate sauce, home made apple sauce, or even ice cream! Ice cream is so good when it melts on top of a Kaisy®. But I for one also have a soft spot for the Kaisy® with sausage and peach or cherry fruit sauce…Although the Kaisy® with moka chip ice cream, home made chocolate sauce, AND home made whipped cream is totally decadent… And others crave for the Kaisy® with cinnamon ice cream, home made cherry marmalade AND home made whipped cream… But of course, breakfast with Kaisy® and a side of crispy bacon and home made apple sauce is to die for…

All those add-ons come on top, on a separate plate, or in a separate cup. Depending what they are, and whether you want to linger by our fire place, or take it away on the Rehoboth boardwalk or in your car thanks to our drive through operation in Lewes !


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"It's always time for a Kaisy®!"

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