"It's always time for a Kaisy®!"

From vacation in Tyrol (Austria) to franchising Kaisy's Delights® (…a tribute to a great fan of the Kaiserschmarrn)

Thierry Langer - 2/5/2018 2:01:25 PM
From vacation in Tyrol (Austria) to franchising Kaisy's Delights® (…a tribute to a great fan of the Kaiserschmarrn)

The picture above shows the precise starting point of one of our favorite ski routes in Tyrol: the Langer. In Lech-am-Arlberg.

Lech-am-Arlberg is one side of the world-famous Arlberg ski area in Austria, one of the ski destinations of choice for various royals and the rich and famous. The other side is the famous Sankt-Anton-am-Arlberg, there where the very first Skiing Academy in the world was founded.

Of course, all the ski resorts in that area are interconnected. And two weeks of intensive skiing are not enough to discover them all.

Just imagine the highlight of this very fashionable resort baring our family name. You can easily imagine our smiles when we would read the sign “Langer präpariert”, which means: the Langer is perfectly groomed! Starting with the most amazing couloir, steep as hell but silky smooth, and facing North. And after that, the quaintest sun-bathed wander overlooking Austrian chalets tucked under the snow. What a delight!

And guess what we would have for lunch? We needed a reward. The Langers had been skiing down the Langer. They needed to indulge into Kaiserschmarrn, now also known as the Kaisy® in America.

How many Kaisershmarrn did we enjoy before coming to America? We never tracked that. But the magic of that amazing dish never faded. On the contrary. Every single serving was a strong indication that yes, we should have another one the next day.

The kids loved to have it as a full meal. Holiday meant Kaiserschmarrn every day to them. My wife and myself preferred to splurge into the dessert version, very often after a Goulash soup. The traditional Hungarian soup that we also serve at Kaisy’s Delights®. Homemade from scratch, just like anything else.

Helping America discover our favorite holiday indulgence is an exhilarating experience for us. We remember how much we loved to linger in those quaint little chalets, often as old as the 19th century, and this is the atmosphere that we have been trying to recreate at Kaisy’s Delights®.

We would have never believed that skiing down the Langer, this exhilarating ski route in Lech–am-Arlberg, would be our very special way to franchising our business, Kaisy’s Delights®. We would have never believed that our skiing holidays would be our way to reach our goal: live in America.

Nor would we’ve ever believed that our life in America could be so much fun. My beloved and late English uncle knew that. He had such a laugh when I whispered into his old ears the secret that we were introducing the Kaiserschmarrn in America.

That was the last time I could see him. His laugh was his final message to me. He was born in Vienna. His name was Hans Liebermann in his early years. Became John Lawrence in England. So British of course. He knew all the fun about the Kaiserschmarrn. The Imperial Mess in English!

He knew the smiles that we would see on our clients faces when they would discover the very special texture and refined flavors of the Kaiserschmarrn. He knew that some of them would be so enthusiastic about our concept that they would want to join the fun and they would be talking about franchising with us.


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Counter Service, Dine In or Takeout


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Counter Service, Dine In or Takeout

"It's always time for a Kaisy®!"