"It's always time for a Kaisy®!"

Zum Chalet™

The fairy tale goes on at Kaisy's Delights®! The improbable Austrian chalet erected by Kaisy's Delights® on 1548 Savannah Road in Lewes is now ready to host the Emperor at any moment. Kaisy's Delights® is now offering a finer, yet whimsical, sit-down dining experience in a setting that would be typical of a classy chalet in the Austrian Alps.

"Zum Chalet™" can be found on the left as you enter Kaisy's Delights® in Lewes. Pink napkins in an elegant room await His Royalty and whomever might want to enjoy the ineffable breakfast and lunch options from the Austro-Hungarian Empire. French alternatives and American favorites are on the menu as well, because we are "Kaisy's", right?

Zum Chalet outside in winter

Zum Chalet table settings
Zum Chalet place setting
Zum Chalet tea set

Here's a sample menu for the Zum Chalet.

Austro-Hungarian Iconics

Goulash Soup

Lox, Latkes and sour cream

Wienerschnitzel, lingonberries preserves and Austrian potato salad

Chicken Paprikash, German eggnoodles

Kaisy® Breakfast iconics

Innsbrück Omelette, side of mushrooms, latkes (Swiss, tomato, avocado, paprika)

Balaton Omelette, side of peppers, latkes (Swiss, shoulder bacon, paprika)

Today's Breakfast Sandwich, side of salad (2 eggs, Swiss, shoulder bacon)

Kaiserschmarrn, aka the Kaisy®, with sausage and peach compote

French Iconics

Quiche, side of salad (veggie)

Farmer's Croque, side of salad (a mushroom interpetation of the croque-madame)

Ludovic's Pastries

Sweet Tooth and just because

Kaiserchmarrn, aka the Kaisy®, (with our home made whipped cream and your choice of fruit compote or chocolate sauce) add ice cream

Grandma's Latkes with our homemade applesauce

Our Specialty Sundaes

Ice-cream from Bassetts®, homemade toppings, and a touch of Kaisy®

The Hungarian (pistacchio ice-cream, cherry compote, homemade whipped cream)

The Dolomites (mint chocolate chip ice-cream, chocolate sauce, home madewhipped cream)

The Sissi (cinnamon ice-cream, peach compote, homemade whipped cream)

The Imperial (coffee and chocolate ice-cream, chocolate sauce, homemade whipped cream)

The Vienna (vanilla and strawberry ice-cream, strawberry compote, homemade whipped cream)

The Tyrolean (vanilla and chocolate ice-cream, cherry compote, homemade whipped cream)

The First State (peach ice-cream, blueberry compote, homemade whipped cream)

*Our menu is subject to change with the seasons.


Counter Service, Dine In or Takeout


Zum Chalet™ by Kaisy's Delights®
Counter Service, Dine In or Takeout


Nemours Building
Counter Service, Dine In or Takeout

"It's always time for a Kaisy®!"