"It's always time for a Kaisy®!"

Rehoboth: 302-212-5360   Lewes: 302-313-4241   Milford: 302-490-1528

Chalet Meeting Room

Want to astound your crowd with a Kaisy® party in our Austrian style Chalet Meeting Room? Our special room can host a party up to 25 people at our new Lewes location. You’ll love the vibe in this room. Admire the landscape through our custom windows, relax by the fireplace and enjoy the company or work hard in a smooth yet cheerful atmosphere. The acoustics of our building have been especially developed to make sure you can actually HEAR your friends, family or colleagues without fighting against a tantalizing rumble. We are easily accessible with plenty of parking spaces. Our regular menu is designed to accommodate your entire group with many tasty and wonderful selections. Just give us a call at (302) 313-4241 and we will reserve the room for you in advance. We do not charge a fee to use our Chalet Meeting Room.

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"It's always time for a Kaisy®!"

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