"It's always time for a Kaisy®!"

About Us

Our family

We were born in Nice, France
and we have three children: Chloe, Gregory and Benjamin.

In her early teens, our daughter Chloe visited DC twice as an exchange student building lifelong friendships. Then, our sons Gregory the violinist and Benjamin the cellist spent many summers in a row in a fabulous music camp called Point Counterpoint in Leicester, VT, by the Dunmoore lake. The rest of the family would join them for the final concert and that would be the beginning of our yearly holidays in the US and our infatuation with Cape Cod.

France is an amazing nation, but the attraction for America became stronger than ever. Nathalie, the successful French wedding-planner, explained to me, her husband, a diamond dealer with a strong marketing and business administration background, that my real diamond was… the Diamond State! So we decided to cross the Atlantic and to nestle in Lewes, Delaware. Just like Cape Cod, but without the harsh winters, without the heavy taxes, closer to major cities and airports, and with a very distinctive charm. We also figured that such a nice beach area would be the perfect location to introduce the Kaiserschmarrn in America.

As a child...
I had always heard my Austrian-born father talk about the Kaiserschmarrn with such enchantment. But when Nathalie and I could actually eat it for the first time during a ski trip in the Dolomites, we saw the powerful and yet whimsical magic of it. It was decided. This was going to be our new family tradition. Every single year, we would all go skiing in this wonderful part of the late Austro-hungarian Empire and enjoy the combined magic of probably the most beautiful mountains in the world and this fluffy Imperial treat.

We now share our best holiday memories

With our clients and friends in Sussex County!

The development of Kaisy's Delights® is truly a family story.

Nathalie my wife understood the incredible appeal of the Kaiserschmarrn. That was the base for the concept that she developed from A to Z. Thank you Nathalie!

Gregory found the name Kaisy®. I was driving him to his violin lesson and I was keeping him informed on the latest developments of our immigration process. And as I told him that a major missing element was a brand name for the unpronounceable Kaiserschmarrn, he instantly said in a head spin: "Why don't you call it the Kaisy?" Thank you Gregory!

Chloe is a social media and marketing expert. Her input during our opening month was just phenomenal. Check her out at gingerfitspo.com! Thank you Chloe!

Benjamin decided just in time that he did not want to be a cellist, but a chef! So he completed Culinary Arts in France and then got his first job in a 2-star Michelin restaurant. You could easily guess that he did whisper a few advice to his mom. Thank you Benjamin!


Counter Service, Dine In or Takeout


Counter Service, Dine In or Takeout

"It's always time for a Kaisy®!"